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Behavioral Health Care Services Offered through the Coordinated System of Care (CSoC)

Inpatient General Hospital -

This means that you can be cared for in a hospital.

Visits to a Psychiatrist -

This means that you can be cared for by a medical doctor who is trained to treat behavioral health problems and can make sure you are getting the right care, including medicines if needed.

Crisis Help and Follow-up -

This means you can get help right away if you are having a severe mental health problem or a crisis.

You may get help at:

  • A hospital emergency room
  • A medical or behavioral health clinic
  • Where you live, work or go to school

The crisis counselor will help you get the care you need and then work with you, your family and your provider.

Licensed Mental Health Professional -

This means you can talk to a behavioral health counselor about your problems. These counselors are licensed by the State of Louisiana and can be:

  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Medical Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Advanced Practice Nurses

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) for Children and Teens -

This means that youth under 21 years old can live in a place where they can get treatment.

Therapeutic Group Home (TGH) for Children and Youth -

This means that youth can live in a home-like setting with a small group of other youth to learn how to help them feel better, find new friends, and do better at home, school, and work.

NOTE:  Youth in PRTF and TGH settings can receive CSoC under very specific circumstances, for a very brief period of time.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (for all youth) -

This means that people with mental illness can get counseling in their home, work or school when coordinating through the WAA (Wraparound Agency). This kind of counseling involves:

  • Planning and problem-solving to feel more comfortable and confident with day-to-day living
  • Finding friends, feeling more comfortable with others and avoiding things that cause problems
  • Planning your treatment with family members and other helpers

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (for all youth) -

This means that people can get help coordinated through the WAA (Wraparound Agency) to feel healthy and more comfortable with other people. This counseling can include family members and other helpers. It can include:

  • Learning ways to help you feel better and stay better
  • Finding new friends, and feeling more comfortable with other people
  • Avoiding things that cause problems
  • Making a plan /getting support to take classes that interest you or look for a job

Rehabilitation Substance Use -

This means you can get counseling and treatment to help stop using alcohol or drugs including treatment in a residential facility.

Prescription Drugs

Your doctor, psychiatrist, medical psychologist, or advanced practiced nurse will write a prescription for you if you need medication. If you have questions about your medication, ask the person who is prescribing your medications. You may also call your prescription drug plan.

Medicaid members should call 1-800-437-9101 or their Healthy Louisiana plan for prescription drug coverage information.

Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) Services 

Wraparound Facilitation

This means that you can get a face-to-face meeting to discuss current treatment of you and your family member. This is a standard, not optional, part of CSoC that includes wraparound support as well as specialized services.  The face-to-face meeting generally includes:

  • The member
  • Parent/Guardian, other family
  • Providers
  • Anyone involved in the life of the youth and family at the family’s choice 


Youth Support and Training (YST)

This means that youth can get support provided by other trained youth who have had similar problems.

Parent Support and Training (PST)

This means families can get training from other families with similar experiences to help them learn new skills to help manage their children’s behaviors and symptoms. The goal is a safe, healthy home for children and youth.

NOTE:  YST and PST services can also support the youth and/or parent in understanding and fully participating in the wraparound process.

Independent Living Skill-Building Services

This means that youth can learn the skills needed to do well living on their own.

Short-Term Respite

This means that youth can get direct care provided in their homes or community. This gives relief to families of children with a serious behavioral health issues.

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