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Independent Assessments

An Independent Assessment is an eligibility determination for youth to determine eligibility for the Coordinated System of Care (CSoC).  These services foster Recovery & Resliency through a strengths-based approach, fostering natural supports and coordinating expanded services in the member’s home community.

General Information for All Providers

  • If you are requesting a member assessment for eligibility determination for the Youth Coordinated System of Care (CSoC) Supports and Services, call the Member's Healthy Louisiana Plan:
    • Aetna Better Health: 1-855-242-0802 
    • AmeriHealth Caritas: 1-888-756-0004
    • Healthy Blue: 1-844-521-6941
    • Louisiana Healthcare Connections:   1-866-595-8133
    • UnitedHealthcare:  1-866-675-1607
  • Magellan will coordinate with the Healthy Louisiana Plans to ensure that members’ screening and eligibility for CSoC are seamless.  The Magellan CSoC program can also be contacted at 1-800-424-4489.
  • If you are not sure to which plan the child/youth belongs, call 1-855-BAYOU4U for assistance.
  • The Healthy Louisiana Plan will screen the member for CSoC by administering a brief risk assessment.
  • If the member scores positive on the risk assessment, the Healthy Louisiana Plan will warm transfer the member to Magellan for administration of the Brief CANS (Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths) screening.  
  • If the member scores positive on the Brief CANS and is thus determined to be presumptively eligible for CSoC, a referral will be made by Magellan to the appropriate Wraparound Agency (WAA).
  • The WAA is responsible for ensuring the completion of the CANS Comprehensive and Independent Behavioral Health Assessment (IBHA) form which will be used to confirm clinical eligibility by an independent review team.
  • The WAA can choose to:
    • Complete the CANS and IBHA form using the properly credentialed in-house staff
    • Contract with (and pay) an Independent Assessor to complete the CANS and IBHA form
    • Arrange with an Independent Assessor to complete the CANS and IBHA form, and to have the Independent Assessor then bill Magellan or the Healthy Louisiana Plan for that service.

To be reimbursed by Magellan for Independent Assessments, you must be an active provider in the Magellan of Louisiana network and contracted to provide this eligibility determination service and members assessed must meet eligibility requirements.  See Become a Provider or Making Changes to Your Provider Agreement for step-by-step guidance on becoming a certified, credentialled & contracted provider within the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership.


Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)

Sign-in to the Magellan Provider website to access the CANS-LA on-line.

Providers trained and certified in using the CANS assessment tool may refer to the following tools:

CANS LA Online Training Now Available!

Information on CANS LA Online Training & Certification* is available to interested providers.

* The CANS certification is valid for one year, starting upon certification date, and must be renewed annually.  Certified providers for CANS should go to the CANS Training website and recertify before current certification expires.

Informational Webinar on CANS LA

In order to better support you as a Certified Provider of the LA Comprehensive CANS assessment tool, we have recorded a series of our recent webinar presentations covering the topics of CANS, IBHA, and relevant points for agencies involved with CSoC.  These presentations are intended to be viewed at your convenience, and they can be referred back to as often as you desire.  A brief description follows each link highlighting the key objectives of the presentation.  

La Comprehensive CANS and the Independent Behavioral Health Assessments (IBHA) (recorded 2/27/2013; 54:53 minutes)

  • Discuss common issues and discrepancies between the LA Comprehensive CANS and IBHA Assessment
  • Identify and understand the importance of referencing specific time spans in an IBHA
  • Review a mock example of a CANS and IBHA Assessment

La Comprehensive CANS Technical Assistance: Wrap Around Agency (WAA) and Statewide Family Support Organization (FSO) (recorded 4/12/2013; 8:34 minutes)

  • Utilizing the Caregiver Strengths and Needs Family Caregiver Domain
  • Understanding how to use the modules

CANS LA Youth Risk Domain:  WAA and FSO (recorded 5/15/2013; 25:05 minutes)

  • Utilizing the Youth Risk Domain
  • Understanding how to use the modules

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